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IT consulting has emerged as a leading front runner for small, mid sized and large scale organizations. With so much of business competition going on a global scale, It becomes a necessity for at least some of the companies worldwide who are ready to completely rely on IT consulting, and hence make their business grow in the coming years. IT consulting has become more exhaustive as a process, and functions from a core business viewpoint, thereby understanding the client’s business and how it is going to be in the coming future.

Vaishno IT Solutions has a valuable IT Consulting team consisting of IT Consultants and advisory experts who have over the years gained a microscopic and macroscopic view as to how small and large scale corporations work. With a broad outlook towards problem solving, our team goes into the nitty-gritty of our client’s business and does an extensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis and other necessary groundwork in order to provide a detailed consulting report covering all the facets of the client’s business.

Our IT Consulting approach, is more future driven, which means we help client strategize an effective outcome, wherein they can improvise their systems and functionalities pertaining specifically to IT domain, and hence not only improve their productivity levels but also focus on higher returns in terms of revenue in the near future. We understand the client’s specific IT challenges both from technical and business viewpoint, and hence can ensure the consulting provided by us will be fruitful for them in their day to day functions. We are budget-friendly.        

Our Consulting Process:

    • We first understand the client’s specific IT challenges and requirements.

    • Our team of advisors after thoroughly scrutinizing the client’s requirements prepares an in-depth report concerning all the action they can take.
    • We cover the report both in terms of technical and financial requirements.
    • If the client is fine with our report, then our team is ready to go, which means based on the scenario, our team will be deployed at the client’s site.
    • If the client wants to make some changes in terms of functionality, budget, then we will revise and redraft the report based on client’s precise requirements.
    • If the client is okay with the revised report, then our consulting process starts and we ensure that you have made the right decision by believing in our consulting services.
    • Once the entire consulting process is successfully completed, and the client still wants our expertise, then we will guide them and it will be considered as a post consulting support.