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Are you looking for a World class, cost-effective IT Online training program?

If yes, then Vaishno IT solutions is all ready to take your career to the next level. Our online training strategy has been well defined with a decent amount of time invested, to come out with a feasible and satisfying Online training programs. The primary motivation to start Vaishno IT solutions was to provide not only IT online training programs of the best quality, but at the same time make the trainee step up in their career. Our team has worked both hard and smart in order to devise a methodical training plan for all the foremost technologies.

With a considerable amount of time spent on understanding how online training works from the inside-out, we have developed online training programs that are only going to benefit the candidates. We are keen to take up any kind of online training challenge that comes our way, so that the outcome can enthrall our customers. We respect our customers, who have taken the time, energy and money thinking that they have made the right decision by joining our training program. With that said, we follow stringent training guidelines so that at no cost the quality of the training program has to be compromised.

If a candidate is new or does not know how to carry out the necessary software installations, in order for the candidate to take up the training program that they are interested in, then our technical team will help you in doing the needful. We want that our candidates should not only learn the technology in-depth, but at the same time enjoy the training process.

Some of our online training highlights:

    • Top-notch Online trainers.

    • A comprehensive and in-depth training course material.

    • Weekend and Weekday batches available.

    • Demo session available for all the technologies.

    • A devoted technical team who will help you install the necessary software’s at your site.

    • State of the art online training software’s with excellent audio and video.

    • Back up sessions based on request.

    • Project assistance.

    • Sample interview questionnaires.

    • Post training support.