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Staffing and placement department plays a key role for a “trainee”, who basically looks for placement assistance after successful completion of the training program. Today there is no doubt, staffing and placements are playing a relatively larger role and hence gaining a huge market space. This directly means that there are many organizations that are competing to get the best spot in terms of corporate requirements.

Vaishno IT solutions has a dedicated Staffing and placement team, who not only have an in-depth knowledge of the current market scenario, but at the same time are skilled, experienced and qualified to place the candidates on a definite placement strategy. Our placement cell has a massive executive database of corporate requirements arranged precisely based on the candidate’s skills. We want to help candidates get placed, but again this is a big conundrum, so we assure you to find a placement position that suits your academic and professional profile.

We have taken keen steps to ensure that the entire staffing and placement cycle is focused on improvising corporate relationships and streamlining the diverse candidate profiles that are looking forward to getting placed in their particular technology of interest. With a team of experienced and skilled human resource managers, recruiting specialists, IT recruiters, HR executives, we are sure that our team can justify both corporate and candidates by assuring profitable results.

Basically, we provide staffing services based on three factors as mentioned below:

(1) Temporary to permanent Staffing: Here is where the client wants us to provide those candidates that suit their job profiles for only a temporary period, say three months to one year. It again depends upon the client’s requirement. After that, the candidate’s performance is evaluated, based on which the management will take a decision on making the candidate a permanent employee of their company.

(2) Permanent Staffing: Here is where the candidate will be placed permanently with the company.

(3) Contractual Staffing: Here is where the client wants the candidate to work for a specific contract period, say three months, six months, nine months or even one year based again upon client’s specific business requirements. Again the contract renewal depends upon the client. We encourage our aspirants to perform well during this contract period, so that there might be chances of getting their contract renewed.